Flute, Marimba/Vibraphone, Harp
Duration: 8 minutes, 30 seconds




SUEÑOS VIBRANTES is my attempt to musically depict the rich vivacity and color inherent in Latin American culture. In the process of writing this piece, I was perhaps most influenced by the rich artistry of paintings from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, among others.

Throughout the work, the listener might be able to associate the instrumental colors in the music with the effervescent colors typical of the aforementioned paintings: the high plucked strings of the harp might evoke a striking yellow, while a low ripple roll on the vibraphone might depict a rich, deep purple or blue; a fiery, percussive attack on the marimba might conjure up an image of a bright red or orange, while the delicate flute combined with the vibraphone could symbolize an icy blue. These colors, again inherently characteristic of Mesoamerican and Caribbean paintings, certainly command attention. They give the artwork a variety of instantly recognizable moods and auras, ranging from the electrifying to the earthy to the mellow. This style of painting has always fascinated and excited me, and it seemed to be a perfect subject for a musical composition. Above all, my goal in SUEÑOS VIBRANTES is to establish a sonic landscape that is as exciting and vibrant as Latin American culture itself.

—Jules Pegram (2011)