Jules Pegram CRUSH

CRUSH (2016)

Eight Cellos
Duration: ca. 20 minutes

I. Introduction: Obsessive Tendencies
II. Romanza: Passing Glances
III. Elegy: Letting Go




CRUSH for Eight Cellos (2016) is experiential music that depicts the falling for someone who lacks a capacity to return the affection—of having a crush and indeed being crushed. Drawing its title from Richard Siken’s book of poetry and inspired by the earthy realness charged within its erotic text, CRUSH is music of confusion and disillusionment; of sensuality and seduction; of wild abandon and soft-spoken, haunting intimacy. My own experience was a winding saga of ambiguity that ended without explanation or sense of meaningful closure. CRUSH represents my attempt at finding that closure.

It is my hope that in some small way this music may help remind us of our potential to grow from heartache and to genuinely appreciate those rare moments in life when we allow ourselves to reach a point of true vulnerability.


—Jules Pegram (2016)